My name is David Shultz Ive been tattooing for over 20 yr. and been and artist all of my life. The name Frankenshultz comes from a variation of Dr. Frankenstein and my last name Shultz, hence the name. My friends gave the name to me after a tattoo of a amputated arm I did. It looked like it was sewn back on to the body, with the realistic brusing and so on. it looked like some sort of creation so they called me Frankenshultz, and i used the name from then on.

I started tattooing in 1988 in a shop in Burien,Wa. called
Artistic Tattoo, owned by Dan and Connie Cunningham. I tattooed
for a few years at the shop where I learned some basic
techniques and needle making skills. After leaving in 1991,
I worked on honing my technique.
i took a couple of dermatology classes at
green river com. collage, and studied a lot on the mechanics
of tattooing.
After seeing artist like Booth, Atchison, Hernandez ect.
{all of them awesome ARTISTS by the way}. I really wanted to do something different with tattooing.
I wanted to create the appearance of something growing
organically on the skin, without the mechanical aspect. Hooks and teeth and random textures to make
the skin look injured, and not stamped with stock car type
sleeves. It is easy to copy someone, it’s hard to create your own style.

Most of the tattooing I do is free hand black work, and most (90%) of the tattoos on this site are freehand.
I also do alot of drawing with pencil and acrylics, really any media that allows you to be creative. I appreciate artist for there art and creativity, NOT for what trophy they achieved. I let the art and tattooing advertise not the arrogance of the artist.
If you have to be sold on a artist then it’s probably not
worth being tattooed by them. let your work sell your
skill, its all preference anyway. Word of mouth is the best advertisement